Toddler Program

Montessori Classes for 3 months to 2 Year Old Children

McDonough Montessori prepares students with the transformative experience and to be well-rounded future leaders who make a positive impact on the world.
Toddler Programs in McDonough
Some refer to this developmental period as “The Terrible Twos”. We disagree; toddlers are terrific. We love everything about them – their energy, determination and curiosity – and purposefully created a very special place for your toddler to learn.

Our bright and sunny Infant classrooms are specially designed for your child between the ages of 3 Months to 2 Years. It is a world scaled down to your child’s size. Here, your child paints, cooks, waters the garden, sings songs with friends and plays with materials that develop fine and gross motor coordination.

Practice Makes Perfect

Often, children who don’t do things for themselves simply don’t know how or haven’t been given the chance. We take a different approach – by observing your child closely, providing just the right lesson when she is ready and then allowing her to practice again and again (and again!) until she masters it. Mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities in an atmosphere of patience, trust and respect.

Learning Conductive For Learning

Where so many early childhood programs are chaotic and overwhelming, parents are often surprised to see the peaceful tone of our toddler classroom. The calm atmosphere and lack of distraction helps her to develop impulse control and concentration, planting the seeds for learning in this classroom and beyond.


To be a toddler is to be curious. There are so many things to see, touch, hear, feel and do in the classroom! Beautiful materials that stimulate her senses are rotated frequently on low shelves to pique your child’s curiosity. She is encouraged to move freely around the classroom, to choose activities and explore her own interests.
Infant Program in McDonough for 3 Months to 2 Years old Kids

What Other Moms Have to Say

Incredibly supportive environment while simultaneously raising the best educational needs of the children and the families they serve.

The administration ensures that the learning is facilitated by certified experienced teachers.

This is a phenomenal school. The leadership is excellent and provides a well rounded, high quality early childhood educational program.

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